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My Approach

I use evidence-based practice using medication management to treat mental illnesses in adults. I get to know patients and their needs through two 60-minute intake appointments. This way I can gather the data I need to formulate a clinical impression. This increases the chances that the medications we try will be effective. Medications can be very effective in reducing or eliminating mental health symptoms that impair one's ability to participate in various spheres of life. Medications are not for everyone, and most patients have many questions about the potential role that psychiatric medications can play in their recovery. In many cases, therapy is very helpful in reducing symptoms. My practice is sited at Mindful Therapy Group in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle. MTG is a private practice office that specializes in mental health care and counseling. MTG includes psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners and therapists, which enables effective coordination of care to meet your needs. 

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